Tynian: To mortals: Re: DEATH to newbie killers!
Sun Oct 21 15:35:34 2001
To: all
The following note was posted to Immortals. I have removed the 'Immortal'

I have clearly stated on the idea list and elsewhere that attracting and
retaining new players is essential for TFC's welfare. I invite you to
read two idea posts, and particularly my annotations: Qithlorien: with
recent pk modifications, and Orpik: Online statistics (try 'idea last
10'). The annotations summarize important sentiments.

If an Immortal notices a PK of someone that is levels 10-14, and a god+
is online, bring it to their attention.

God+'s: If, in your opinion, the killers are "professional"
newbie-killers, feel free to kill them. I regard such PKs to be in direct
opposition to my goal of bringing more players to the game.

FYI, I killed WarMachine and Magus this afternoon. They teamed up and
killed a level 10. An mstat of WarMachine yielded a well-armored dual-
class with in svs, which told me all I needed to know.

I became vis and explained on gossip why they died, and that their corpses
were up for grabs, free of any protection (they both recovered their
stuff). This raised questions as to whether other newbie-killers had
been slain. My stance is that it is a game of russian roulette. They
may be caught or not. In addition, since we cannot tell the difference
between "true" newbies and others that have a newbie character, it will
be assumed that all newbies are 'true' newbies.

Those that have been preying on lower levels have experience. I contend
that their harrassment, which is in direct contrast to my goals, is not
'fair' or 'right', so I am not entertaining any complaints from these

Tynian: Followings and newbies
Sun Oct 21 16:20:42 2001
To: all immortal
I expect all followings to make an effort to answer questions from new
players, and provide reasonable assistance to them. This does not
necessarily mean that you must equip every newbie that comes along, but
it is expected that you will help them become oriented and acclimated to
the game, and give guidance in the various aspects of the game.

This charge goes beyond alignment. As a player, it is incumbent upon
you to do what you can to foster interest in the game among those that
are just starting. Give them a reason to stay when things get rough.

Conversely, followings that contain newbie killers, aid newbie killers, or
act against newbies, are acting against TFC's best interests, and will be
treated accordingly.

I will assume that both newbie-friendly and newbie-hostile actions taken
by members of a following are sanctioned and approved by a following's
god. As such, your god will ultimately be held responsible for your
actions as a member of his or her following. It is in the god's best
interest to correct newbie-hostile activities within their following,
before I (or another god+) has to take punitive actions against god and

Tynian: Newbie-killer slain
Sun Oct 21 16:22:24 2001
To: all
Ilisam, follower of Okk, was slain for newbie-killing.
Orpik: Online statistics.
Sat Oct 13 13:16:29 2001
To: all
****************************** Feedback ***************************************
=>Tynian, Sat Oct 13 01 13:26:32:
All I can say, Orpik, is take it or leave it. If you aren't supportive of
my goals to make TFC a more fun place for a larger group of players, then
we have little to discuss. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out.
Its obvious, if you want to encourage play on this game do the following things.
Punish those who do well on this game, especially pkers, but the expers too.
remove any incentives which were once there for exping by limiting what larger
characters are permitted to do.
Constantly code against those that do well, by changing areas such as mok's jail cell
the ability to exp on bounty hunters, or even attack people period.
Remove all roleplay, ways of doing this are, to prohibit the praise of Nash,
allow evils and goods to group, allow characters to join a following merely
for eq and learning, or even to subvert that following, and then apostatize.
Remove the incentives of fyi's to play, mostly through distrust and the limits
on what they are permitted to do based upon this distrust.
Create a new system of regulation of pking, while still keeping all of the
previous hinderances to pking, ie change the range system, but keep the old
perm debt, which is no longer needed to ensure smaller chars have a chance to exp.
This will help punish the skilled pkers and large characters who have put the most
time into this game in general.
Qithlorien: with recent pk modifications
Fri Oct 12 21:55:17 2001
To: all
****************************** Feedback ***************************************
=>Tynian, Sat Oct 13 01 13:08:11:
Actually, the time limit was put in place to keep anyone from unjustly
killing anyone else more than once at a given time, to mitigate
harassment. It had nothing to do with high levels picking on low levels.

I agree with your assessment that your number of targets has dropped
significantly, now that you can't slaughter those many levels below you. I
disagree with your solution to this 'problem'. The solution I prefer is
that we, meaning all of us, attract new players to the game, and then
RETAIN them. Once this is accomplished, more people will enter your
range, and you'll have more targets. In order to retain players, I
believe the nature of the game needs to be less predatory, insuring that
the victim has a chance, and that they aren't dealt losses every other
day. That's no one's definition of fun. And while I understand the
argument that, hey, that's how you learn to become a survivor, few people
tolerate this kind of abuse for long. Yes, the masochists stick it out,
get a bad attitude, and take joy in taking their frustrations out on the
less clueful who are trying to learn the game. After all, you had to
stick it out, right? Why should anyone else have it any easier?

We gave this way a shot. I don't like the results. So, I'm pushing
things the other way some. Thus, PK reforms. Other changes will be
forthcoming. I'll be satisfied once new players come, like what they see,
and stay.
How about reducing the time elapsed between unjust
killing of people, since the new pk changes it's
difficult to find a decent sized person to kill. I
advise reducing the amount of time before you can kill
again without debt to a much lesser amount.
Currently it's like 3 weeks or something, mabe
make it one week instead. This was installed primarily
because of the amount of slaughtering of smaller
people. Since smaller people are not falling often
you could reduce this.