Myronides: Get Up! Get Up! Get Out of Here! Gone!
Sun Mar 11 10:09:27 2001
To: all
Well after 6 fun filled years I, and all my chars are retiring.
Maybe I'll start new ones someday after TFC recovers, but for now
it's Auf Wiedersehen. I'd like to thank the people that made this
game fun for me for years. Dalaran, Rhina, Asia, Solanthas, Gaul
Empedocles, Saltheart, Jyslin (yes even you), Marisa,
Darkmoon, Jonah, Malachite, and probably hundreds of
others who idolized the greatest elf ever to exist.
I'm glad I redifined the ranger/cleric from useless odd class
(when I started in 95) to the powerhouses we are now.
And always, Elven Power!

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