Tokugawa: Quest: Monkey invasion
Sun Aug 12 12:21:13 2001
To: all

The quest is very simple, and any level character may win prize(s).
A large number of monkeys have been unleashed into the realm.
Find monkeys that have 'a note' on them, kill them and get the note from the corpse.

Looking at the note will indicate whether it's a winner or not and what the prize is.
If you find a note that's a winner, give me a tell and I will give you your prize.

A few of the monkeys will not have 'a note' but will have circlets of power instead.
Other prizes indicated on the notes include restrings, named amulets, and an unenchanted
simple ring. The quest will run until all prizes have been awarded.

Good luck and have fun, the quest starts now.