Rath: Poetry
Thu Dec 20 21:37:11 2001
To: all
Stop posting this drivel,please.Love sick poetry is annoying as hell.I'm sure there
are some people who like that kind of drivel (people in your following,hence the board) but
most of us don't like it,and it just takes up space,even IF we don't read it.I figure
if people can't auction stuff on the note board,love poems shouldn't either.Poems about
something interesting or funny (like Okk's poems) are generally acceptable I think,but love poetry..
If you're so lovesick that writing THAT helps you relieve some of the pain,I'll help you out
Walk my way some time,I've got a nice fat weapon to open up your chests with.That'll release some
of that heart wrenching pain
-Rath,thoroughly annoyed by stupid love poems