Cordir: Oh, what webs they weave when they wish to deceive
Tue Sep 4 22:37:40 2001
To: All who wish to See.
The following is a list of all of the Chosen of Fate:
Nyx, Shadow of Fate, Triat Master
Talmud, Theologian of Fate | Deamhan An-Shalach, Weaver's Consort
Amblin Dirado | Durin | Marvadoc | Gregar T'Sarran
Kennet D'Augustine, Weaver's Champion
Ananasi Aleitros, Apprentice of Sombra | Gernoul
Palin D'enoke, Weaver's Apprentice
Cerberus | Natalie D'Augustine, Priestess of Aralene
Mireya An-Shalach, Daughter of Cordir & Deamhan
Helati de-Orilig | Teine | Allyena |
Cirth the Pale, Scribe of Fate | Lataal
Elaina | Trakker, Elven Emmissary of Fate
Serenity / Tranquility Rose, Handmaiden of the Weaver
Bastian | Fuzzy | Kalee | Angeline |
Garvax } Khorlan Farseer | Azmoth | Cistercian Silverleaf
Elladan, Immortal Attendant to the Chosen ** PROMOTED to DEMI
Noctus, Nightwatcher of Fate, Triat Master.
Gillfen | Trevor |
Boromir, Taoiseach & Councillor of War
Tyrall | Storivad | Irgaak
Dalmiera | Saran Ceremanti, Fate Inconnu | Flutter
Dazzle | Ringo | Tirayel Vairhen, Taoiseach
Sarabos | Dwarvenheld | Harmony, Child of Sorrow
Tien Shinhan | Clue |
Plato, Immortal Attendant of Fate ** PROMOTED TO DEMI
Cleon | Solaron Al'Veeran, Acoloyte of the Triat
Celia | Alex | Aslan | Bancor | Virgil |
Lanfear, Daughter of Night | Aphrodite, keeper of Solaron's soul
Ordeith | Ambrose | Morgaine | Kethran | Katrana | Kaldred
Aerith | Rigel

IF they are not on this list...
They do not worship me.