here it is! the completely-comprehensive-the-day-it-was-put-up tfc links page! from the very old to the mostly new :) who could ask for anything more?

Note: if a page is hosted on, you may not be able to view it, since your ip address may be blocked by them. But the pages are there. Also, if anyone's looking for a place to have websites hosted for free (with no ads), if they're TFC-related sites Tynian will do that now, otherwise, try

Armalag Blackflame
BaKa KuN's WoRlD
The Black Conclave of Nashite (another page)
Cordir's Timeline (link removed at cordir's request)
The Court of Cerebus (old site for followers of Cerebus)
The Coven of the Ash Moon (version two)
The Coven of the Ash Moon (version three by Neodis)
DarkClaw's Lair
Defenders of the Sun (for followers of Tiax)
Draco's TFC Log site
The Dreamwalkers
The Enforcers (for followers of Wylin)
The Final Challenge
The Great Sequoia, Home of the Dark (for Kerriariadne's following)
Hands of Fate
The Hall of Unity
Hornblower's Shop of Stuff
Isolas Starleaf
Lania's page
Layd's page
The League of Nidea (Grimace's following page)
Lord Nash
Lycron's site
Marisa's (you're here already, don't actually click this :P)
Mayhem (Artanis' site)
Neodis' home
Order of the Arcanes (old site for Torchbearer's second following)
Pol's Tale
Racial Histories of TFC
The Refuge of the FoLK (Clue's webpage)
The Rose Path
The Shadows
Strands of Starlight (Natilena's following page. Also includes great mortal logs and GT photos)
Tel's original following page
Tel's Passionate page
Tel'Quessir (old site for followers of Myronides)
TFC Area Writing information
TFC Contingency Fund
TFC Forums
TFC Guild Hall (Kaern's cool site)
TFC Online Statistics
TFC Version Notes and Announcements Index
Top MUD Sites
Tripper's Tigers
Tucson Crew
Vhirrek's Dungeon
Virtue (a very old page for JohnPaul's following)
Vorax the Dark Elf
The WarDancers (active site)
The WarDancers (original site)
The Web of Fate (link removed at cordir's request)
Wisdom's Homepage
The Wyld Hunt (Katrana's following site)
Wylin, Teacher of Wisdom's Homepage
Zarous's Photo Album
Zip's page