Neodis: The day Balls went flying (Fixed)
Mon Sep 3 11:22:54 2001
To: all
At Sun Sep 2 21:37:57 2001 system time balls went flying
about 4700 balls were made before Lord Nayr had to remove the pit due
to our thoughtlessness at doubleing the number of items in the realm.

The PIT CREW included Tien, Belsambar, Joeb, Paython, Legolas, Sleighty,
Doza, Nahum, Qball, Xavier, Treehugger, Quarrel, Silvermoon, Fei, Titan,
Myronides and of course myself. I've been told that I'm resposible for
about 1000 of the reds. I'm not gonna refute that claim! GRINS

Kind regards
Keep the FUN alive

PS: I don't wish to encourage this actually. I was not aware of it's
affects on system memory at the time. Sorry to the Lords of the realm.