Khore: Strider, Revenant
Mon Dec 24 17:22:28 2001
To: all
For the record, Strider's corpse was in his possession about 2 minutes
after I killed him. I kept nothing.

Secondly, killing someone out of your range, regardless of how "creative"
you are to do it will always irritate me. Additionally, I am questionin
g the veracity of Torchbearer's following's claim to be LG. Normally,
I don't trouble myself with anyone's flawed interpretations of alignment.
Good and evil are personal ideals. I will say this however, some of the
conduct coming from that following I am beginning to consider as
detrimental to the game. Case in point is Revenant's latest title of
"Newbie hater for life." I am not the first to state that you all have
a responsibility to assist those newbies. You were all there once.
Therefore, when I see conduct that is not only counter to ideals of an
alignment, but to ideals of game dynamics, I am going to take action.

Also for the record, I hold my actions to be in the interests of the game
at large. If you have a problem with my action, you have a right to
question it to my superiors. I do not answer to notes written in hasty
predjudice, and certainly not from the likes of Dalaran.