Marisa the Enchanted

hiya :)

So, you think there might be something new on this site? Well, you're prolly right, and here's proof ive changed my site at least twice. honest. really. There's even a link to timeline stuff now, and it was last updated on 12/31/04.

Like ive said before tho, if youre looking for something useful, check tokus page. But, if youve been mudding for at least 6 hours, or its like 3am and you're sleep deprived, looking at this might be safeish.

Holler if youve got something interesting you wanna add. of course interesting = chocolate (belgian, ideally). oh and sign the guestbook, im nosy ;P

(p.s. -- yup nayr, winking and sticking your tongue out at the same time _does_ look really silly. kinda hurts your face, too.)


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