Neodis: Lord Tynian's note to all
Tue Nov 13 02:52:46 2001
To: all
The most selfish desire I have to is play for at least 7 1/2
years myself Lord Tynian. I remember when I first came back and
discovered that this is where I had been playing a few years ago.
I was so exicted. This is the only MUD that had "Role Playing"
in it's description. I value my time here and although free time
is at a premium I try to enjoy your work as much as possible.

Another selfish desire, I want lots and lots of your future free
time. I don't pk much, here for a good time really, not re-equip.
So I guess I might be biased when I say that I like the changes.
Long have I been an RPGer though and I can say that caps on dam
etc is not a bad thing. It means the pkers have to fight a little
longer to make the kill. They use enough tactics to paralize their
targets anyhow I don't see it as an issue.
So, here is a sugestion to keep in the back of your head for
for later that is not selfish. It leads off of one of my other
ideas. We could have special items floating about the realm that
have a little power in them equall to the dam done today. I'll
post the idea if you would like to consider it later. It should
help smooth over some of those other selfish desires.

Kind regards
Keep the FUN alive!
Vex: Evil
Tue Nov 13 18:27:56 2001
To: all
The Changes are from the devil.
They are evil....
I like 'em :>

Vex Ironwolf, The Inquisitor of the Coven.