Craige: Re: Tynian
Mon Nov 12 08:11:01 2001
To: all
Implimenting such caps without making it drastically more difficult to escape from a pk situation destroys the pk aspect of tfc.
I think its obvious as to how much of the player base that will drive off
Tfc has always been a pk mud. Thats what attracted me to it in the first place
If the intention is to change that, very well. If not, I think further consideration is required

Craige the Destroyer, Grand Sentinel of the Conclave
Tynian: To Craige and all, regarding changes
Mon Nov 12 10:44:16 2001
To: all
I intend on working on one issue at a time. I will *not* be working on
PK aspects of the game at this time. Jumping in, imposing a cap, and then
changing a bunch of PK things as a reactionary measure does a couple of
things. It adds even more variables into the equation, and it insures
that an even more chaotic mess results.


As for the attempt to hold me hostage by alluding to player loss, I
have a few things to say. First, I hope you're wrong, and that people
will see the process through to the end. That may be overly optimistic,
but it's a hope, so optimism is allowed. Everyone that has played here in
the past few weeks has heard about my desire to increase the player base.
And, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this desire may
be a good place to exert pressure. "If you change this, people will
leave." I've heard this a lot, and it _is_ most certainly a concern. I
need active players here to bring others here to play. An unhappy player
base is unlikely to bring friends on to play. So, I will have lost older,
existing players, _and_ new player potential.

Alas, I see few choices. Most every player here is defending their self-
interests, no matter what those are. This is not a bad thing. Why
wouldn't you defend the part of the game you like best? You know what
interests you the most, and are best able to judge how changes relate to
and impact your interests.

So, a perspective change is required on my part. I want very much for TFC
to succeed. I have worked very hard on it for the past 8 years. I want
people to love this funny little text game, despite the varied and intense
competition out there. I have dreams of averaging 40+ online characters a
day (current average over the last 30 days is about 20).

But if I can't pull it off, that's okay, too. I've been at this a very
long time, and have sacrificed a _lot_ of free time to work on TFC. It's
been a great run, and I've had a lot of fun. I know others have had a lot
of fun here. If the game/player base is no longer sustainable, "The Final
Challenge" will close after a respectable 7 1/2+ year run, and I'll have
my free time back.

I would of course love to see TFC go on for another 7 1/2 years. I'll
just have to see if you are right there with me in that desire, or whether
you'd prefer to join the "I can't hack it" brigade and just give up rather
than embrace change and see things through to the end.

The choice is, as it's always been, your's.

Thank you.

Strider: Re: Craige: Re: Tynian
Mon Nov 12 11:16:12 2001
To: all
As Tynian said these changes are the beginning of a great change,
not a final change. Throughout the years Tynian has not only let
you play here for free but ENCOURAGED you to. The variety of people
that play TFC is what makes it such a great game and if you
leave you will be missed.

Pking is the only reason that I play TFC... sure exploring and role-
playing can be fun but Pking is the best. Throughout the past 4
years I have played quite a few characters and pking was always a part
of their character. If TFC was not a Pk mud I would leave immediately.
But as Tynian said, this is not a permanent change but just a part of
a process. I'm going to trust Tynian and stay with him. I've "quit"
many times for stupid reasons and will probably for more but this is
not something that is going to make me leave.

What I think will probably mean nothing to you but I think everyone
should stick around and see what happens. I will at least.

Thanks Tynian, for producing such a great mud,
Lins: Re: Tynian
Mon Nov 12 15:39:28 2001
To: all
Tynian you made me look at it differently.
I was kinda sad after you announced the new change, but I think that in the end it will benefit the game.
I'm just wanting to thank you that you are putting yet another amount of time to make it all better for us.
And if there is anything I can do for you... like testing new coding things,
I will help you wherever (and whenever I'm online :P) I can.
Again: keep up the good work - you've always done the good things *bow*.

Dezmond: RE: Lins: Tynian
Mon Nov 12 18:11:42 2001
To: all
I'm agree with Lins 100 %. Tynian, You have always done things to
try to help us. Give us a better, more fun, playing enviroment.
I myself, am all for whatever changes you wish to make.
And personally, I feel it is our DUTY, as players, to stick
it out. For thebenefit of the MUD. All the hours of fun we've
gotten from this game I think we should see it through as far
as we can, and not leave because of a few changes that are being
made to help the game. So what is things will be a little more
challenging?? Improvise. Work around. And if what Maldobar says
is true, the conclave being such skilled players, the conclave
should have no problem with these changes. It's up to the players

Dezmond Lin.

PS: Tynian, if you ever need me for anything. I'll be happy to help.