Gup talks in "Australian" a lot (from Vorax's point of view)
Mong gossips, 'Look, Its someones attractive cousin!'.

Daelin gossips, '*runs his hand through his hair*  Where?  Where???'.

Edge gossips, 'hahhaa'.

Edge gossips, 'Me off course, Duh?'.

Daelin gossips, 'we may be cousins, Edge.. but you're certainly not

Mong gossips, 'Dumb as a mule and twice as homely!'.

Edge gossips, 'Bah!'.

Daelin gossips, 'twice as ugly, some might even say'.  

You gossip, 'Yes, some MIGHT say that...'.

Gup gossips, 'why is Daelin so quiet?  Did I miss something?'.

Daelin gossips, 'this is me being quiet?'.

Mong gossips, 'Tuberculosis'.

Daelin gossips, 'aurora borealis'.

Mong gossips, 'At this time of year, this time of day, this part of the
world, localized entirly in your kitchen?'.

Daelin gossips, 'Yes..'.

Mong gossips, 'May i see?'.

Daelin gossips, '... No'.    

Daelin gossips, 'SEYMOUR!  THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!'.

Daelin gossips, 'No mother.. it's just the Northern Lights..'.

Daelin gossips, 'Does anybody here remember Homicide: Life on Sesame
Street... it's from Family Guy'.

Reepicheep gossips, 'Northern lights are awesome'.

Mong gossips, 'Yes'.

Reepicheep gossips, 'No, I don't'.

Daelin gossips, 'some poor bastard got his head blown off down at a place
called Hoopers'.

Daelin gossips, 'I wish you wouldn't drink so much, Bert'.

Daelin gossips, 'and I wish YOU.. wouldn't eat COOKIES.. IN BED..'.

Daelin gossips, 'Bert, you're shouting again Bert'.

Daelin gossips, 'Happy now Gup?'.

Gup gossips, 'sorta :)'.

Gup gossips, 'sing the kermit song?'.

Daelin gossips, 'I'm anti-singing.. my throat hurts'.

Mong gossips, 'I guarantee a woman made that commercial'.

Mong gossips, 'of course a woman made it.  its a commercial, not a delicious
thanksgiving dinner'.

Daelin gossips, 'what commercial?'.

You gossip, 'wasn't that suppose to be "a man made that commercial"?'.   

Gup gossips, 'does anybody want to hear about some top aussies?'.

Mong gossips, 'Yes.. Yes it was..'.

Mong gossips, 'Is one of them named "Gup"?'.

Gup gossips, 'nope'.

Mong gossips, 'Then yes!'.

Daelin gossips, 'top aussie?  Is that like top ramen?'.

Gup gossips, 'uh.. if I knew what you meant by top ramen I could possibly
answer that'.

Mong gossips, 'Brand of noodles'.

Daelin gossips, 'ramen is like the chinese vegemite'.  

You gossip, 'it's a noodle soup stuff'.

Gup gossips, 'Don Bradman is a top Aussie. He is the best cricketer ever.'.

Gup gossips, 'If you took all the cricketers ever and put them together they
would not be as good as Bradman.'.

Gup gossips, 'He was so good at batting that the English stopped trying to
bowl him out.'.

Gup gossips, 'Instead they tried to kill him by throwing the ball at his

Gup gossips, 'English people are not very good at sport, and Australia beats
them heaps.'.

Daelin gossips, 'he sounds really good.. he should try playing a real sport
like baseball'.                                 

Mong gossips, 'Or bowling'.

Daelin gossips, 'in a real league.. like America'.

Gup gossips, 'Bradman helped the Aussie team thrash England heaps of times.

Gup gossips, 'He was so tops at batting that if he wanted to, Bradman could
have smashed England while holding a stubbie and smoking a durry, just like
the blokes do in t'.

Gup gossips, 'do in the park on weekends.'.

Daelin gossips, 'Gup is scaring me'.

Gup gossips, '(he died recently, I don't think he'll be playing baseball
anytime soon) (*sob*)'.

Gup gossips, 'Bradman scored 6996 Test runs in 70 innings, which makes his   
average approximately 99.94285714286.'.

Daelin gossips, 'oh.. if I knew by top aussies you meant dead aussies, I
would have been much more interested'.

Gup gossips, 'The Kingswood is a top Aussie vehicle.'.

Daelin gossips, 'did it die?'.

Gup gossips, 'It was originally designed for military use as a tank but
Holden decided to remove the cannon and called it a car.'.

Gup gossips, 'uh, ok, it died'.

Gup gossips, 'There are several hundred thousand million Kingswoods in
Australia and lots now go faster than originally intended because apprentice
mechanics have stuck m'.

Gup gossips, 'stuck massive donks in them.'.                            

Gup gossips, 'Federal legislation makes it compulsory for all apprentice
mechanics to drive Kingswoods.'.

Gup gossips, 'Kingys with front bench seats are tops because you can fit 16
of your pisstank yobbo mates in them with room for a slab.'.

Gup gossips, 'now for one that is personally close to my heart :)'.

Gup gossips, 'Beer is a top Aussie. Beer was invented in Australia.'.

Daelin gossips, 'I never knew there was an Australian version of A&E'.

Daelin gossips, 'but there is.. and its called Gup'.

Gup gossips, 'As VB is the best beer in Australia, it is THE GREATEST BLOODY

Gup gossips, 'hehe, what's A&E?'.   

Gup gossips, 'No Australian knows what VB stands for, but many people make
guesses like Victor Bravo, Vitamin B, Violent Beer, Veebers or Very Bad.'.

Mong gossips, 'A brand of noodles'.

Orpik gossips, 'er VB may be the only bloody beer in the universe'.

Daelin gossips, '*nod Mong*'.

Gup gossips, 'VB has many uses: you can pour it over your BBQ to flavour
your onions or drink 16 to get maggoted.'.

Gup gossips, '"Getting Maggoted" is a popular Australian drinking game where
the object is to drink VB until you fall over and spew.'.

Orpik gossips, 'see gup you have it all wrong, the best beer is the one the
opposite gender enjoys to drink WITH you.'.

Daelin gossips, 'Pyramid Apricot Ale'.    

Gup gossips, 'aussie females drink beer'.

Gup gossips, 'at least the top aussie females do'.

Orpik gossips, 'isnt that an oxy moron'.

Daelin gossips, 'I thought you Aussies were supposed to be tough... 16 makes
you spew?'.

Gup gossips, 'that's if you shotgun them all'.

Tharizdun gossips, '16 liters?'.

Daelin gossips, 'ohhh.. look at me.. my country has an opera house now.. I'm
cultured.. I can't handle 16 beers.  Wah wah'.

Tharizdun gossips, 'heh'.

Gup gossips, 'the opera house is too far away to have any effect on me'. 

Daelin gossips, 'Little known fact:  Gup lives in the outback'.

Gup gossips, 'not 16 litres, 16 stubbies'.

Gup gossips, 'and I eat survivor steaks'.

Gup gossips, 'stupid yanks'.

Mong gossips, 'Is a stubby anything like a durry?'.

Gup gossips, 'durry is a cigarette'.

Daelin gossips, 'all I know is.. I'm smoking all that'.

Gup gossips, 'stubby is 375ml of beer'.

Mong gossips, 'And a stubby is a wallabe'.

Daelin gossips, 'no you fool.. a wallabe is a durry'.     

Mong gossips, 'And they're both types of blokes!'.

Gup gossips, 'nono.. a wallaby is a member of a football team that always
beats the english'.

Orpik gossips, 'who thinks gup can survive 2 rounds against me?'.

Daelin gossips, 'I was caught by the cops before and charged with possession
of blokes'.

Daelin gossips, 'had to do 300 hours of community service'.

Mong gossips, 'How embarassing'.

Mong gossips, 'Bloking in a no-bloking zone?'.

Daelin gossips, 'oh they're all no-bloking zones these days'.

Daelin gossips, 'you know how it is, don't you durry?'.    

Gup gossips, 'The Ute represents the cream of top Aussie engineering.'.

Gup gossips, 'It was invented in Australia by Holden when a bloke wrote to
them and complained that he couldn't fit enough beer in the back of a

Gup gossips, 'Since then all utes have been designed so that Australians can
haul as much beer as possible.'.

Gup gossips, 'Farmers also like utes cause Blue Heelers are particularly
flatulent dogs and the tray makes a good place for them.'.

Gup gossips, 'The lack of weight over the back tyres makes the ute ideal for
work, especially circle work.'.

Mong gossips, 'Circle work eh?'.

Mong gossips, 'I did that for a while in the 70's'.

Mong gossips, 'But here lately its all about the triangles.  Circles just
dont bring in the money they used to.'.

Gup gossips, 'wave... I'll bore you all with inane nonsense some other