Qiziquiment: new class
Thu Aug 16 20:12:49 2001
To: all
I think they should add fire man as a class.
that way when ever there is a fire, the fireman could lead people to safety.

and later . . .

Qiziquiment: more on firemen
Thu Aug 16 20:29:53 2001
To: all
firemen could battle fire demons.
they would have the spell "fire hose".
this would enable them to shoot people with a mystical fire hose, rendering them unconscious and/or blind.
firemen could also help people out if they got caught in the volcano.
they would haev a similar spell to fly, maybe called "fire truck" so they could travel to the places they are needed more quickly.

firemen would have the spell "fire suit" , this would make them resistant to fire.
firemen should also have the spell "extinguisher". this would enable them to coat people with a watery haze, sort of like faerie fire. But having no
-thing to do with fire, becuase they are firemen.

firemen could also have the spell "gas mask".....working something like waterbreath. maybe firebreath for those who like to swim in the river of dispair

firemen should have the spell "fire pole"
what should fire pole do?
WHO KNOW'S? But it sounds good doesn't it?

and if anyone else has mroe ideas about firemen, please feel free to post responses.

more on firemen at your local blockbuster!1