Tynian: Examples
Fri Mar 2 10:55:32 2001
To: all
I've come across some moronic behavior. I've decided that they would make
great examples of what not to do.

I have deleted Malin and all of his mortal characters. Although his mortal
actions of late have technically been legal, I deem his
actions harmful to the game, and particularly unacceptable for one that had
an Immortal character on TFC. Upon finding out that he
was intentionally trying to drive someone away from the game, I decided that
his contribution to TFC has ended.

I have stripped Qithlorien of all of his equipment. He has been trying to
kill PC's outside of his PK range. He almost lost all of his
stuff previously when he was (as far as I'm concerned) intentionally hanging
around, waiting for those out of his range to cast area
spells. I gave him the benefit of the (very little) doubt that time: a
mistake for which I apologize.

I recommend contemplation. Contemplate whether you _should_ do something,
even if you are technically able to. Give it some
thought, because if I ultimately disagree with you, you may end up my next