Tynian: Endgame
Thu Mar 22 22:29:28 2001
To: all
It is quite likely that it is the end of the line for "The Final
Challenge," at least at Frontier Global Crossing. FGC has shifted their
business focus away from residential dial-up. As a side-effect, it looks
like several servers will be decommissioned.

TFC may still be at FGC after the dust clears... but I doubt it.

I wanted to thank you for playing. It has been a great experience. You
all have made it that way.

Thank you, Immortals, active and retired, for giving a piece of yourselves
above and beyond being a player of TFC. You contribute your time so that
the other players will have a more enjoyable and challenging time, and add
flavor to a game that would have staled quickly without you.

TFC has had seven years (!) in the sun, and has been highly successful.
Maybe we don't have the largest player base, nor the most extensive
world... but by my measure, we're tops. Even if I am unable to find
another host site that I feel I can trust, provides the access that I
require, at a cost that I can afford, I'm sure that we'll be back before
too long, in one form or another.

If anyone wants to donate a T-1 to my home, sign up a ISP, and pick up all
charges, please see me. :)

If you want occasional updates on TFC's status, send me an e-mail at

I will leave things up until I am asked to bring TFC down, or when the
machine becomes unreachable.

It's been worth it after all.