Katrana: well rumors about me
Mon Aug 27 10:24:22 2001
To: all
Okay guys, this is just a note to everyone, I am no longer a member of the Black
Conclave. I had just a board note posted, but was told by a memeber, that he had it
removed, so I was to post one here. So I am. I just want to satisfy all rumors
I have left the Black Conclave of Nashite. My reasons, well, let's just say things
change. If you want to know exactly why, ask me directly. I do not want to cause
a spam in notes, so please just ask me, this includes members of the Black Conclave
who did not get to see the note I wrote. Please talk to me. However, it is up to
you if you choose to do so.

Thank you for your attention everyone,
Katrana, Grand Shamaness of umm... well... (we will just leave it at Grand Shamaness:)