Kerriariadne: Grand Opening
Sat Aug 25 16:01:43 2001
To: all
For the Curious...

My Rules - the Tenets of the Dark (6):

Foremost Tenet:
Lord Kerriariadne reserves the right to have the longest name among
all names of His Glorious Dark Membership.
Duck Tenet:
All Glorious Dark Members are required to think of One Funny Thing to
say about Ducks when asked.
Green Tenet:
Treat all young adventurers (sometimes called "Newbies") as you would your
own family. Hopefully, such treatment is a good thing.
Randoming Tenet:
All Glorious Dark Members are required to dedicated Themselves to
searching for items and randoming for the Betterment of the Glorious Dark
when requested.
"Be Warned" Tenet:
Public bickering, bragging, boasting, taunting, or otherwise puerile
behavior is not tolerated. Do Not Do It.

And the Entry Requirements (5):
1) Applicant must be a minimum 11th level in Each Chosen Class at the
Time of Entry.
2) Applicant must have Spell-Casting Ability and must either create a
spring or a mushroom at the Time of Entry.
3) Applicant will have all designated Entry Items on their person at
the Time of Entry. Items will be of Lord Kerriariadne's choosing.
4) The Actions of the Applicant will at NO time be disgraceful to either
their own Self or to their intended Glorious Dark Family before (or
after) Membership is granted.
5) Applicant must always remember, "This is just a game." This will be
every Applicant's Test Question immediately prior to being accepted
as a Glorious Dark Member.

And for those of you that were counting the above Tenets, here is #6:
Very Important Tenet:
Whenever possible, exercise Self-Reliance during your adventuring and
exploits, as very few things are so disturbing as Needy People.