Lins: Conclave
Wed Oct 24 15:01:14 2001
To: all
I won't even try to step into this whole messy thing.
I just wanna say ONE thing.
According to your poll Molo.
I voted - as you might not have expected - that it would be a loss if your following would leave.
But after this thing last night... I can only say this:
It would be better if it's gone, sorry.

A mud without the conclave or a mud without fate ?
Not such a tough choice...

Dundrave: CONCLAVE
Wed Oct 24 16:46:56 2001
To: all
I think that the loss of the Conclave will be a blow to TFC.

I have played this game for over a year... with the goal to kill a big member of conclave.
the Conclave have been abused and treated like crap.. because they are skilled and experience players.
I for one.. hope that another solution to the problem is found.
I do not mean at all that i condone any killing of newbies.. but i think that the Conclave is an integral part of the Final Challenge.

TFC needs to bring in more newbies.. that is clear.. but to loose the big players.. is to cut the head off of before the body has a chance to grow.

Many of you hate.. or despise the conclave... but you have to admit.. that they have provided many of you with a challenge...
a reason to play.... to pk them.

many of you hate hate the conclave only because you cannot dent their spirits as easy as they can yours.

I for one fight only those that are evil.. as i am a tiger.. and seek to protect innocent players.
I hope that all of you players that soo seek the destruction of the Conclave can wake up.. and realize that you are making a scape goat.

I think that Molo has brought this mud to another lvl.. both through the way he runs his following and the areas and ideas he brings to TFC.

I, for one, thank the conclave for the challenge.. and thank molo for his work, and hope that the rest of you get over your petty hatreds...

ps. know this.. i will help anyone fight the conclave you just need to ask.
Maldobar: The Black Conclave.
Wed Oct 24 18:41:07 2001
To: all
For those of you who attempt to criticise, insult, and berate me, please continue.
I have played through it for the last three years and this will not change.

For those of you who attempt to criticise, insult and berate our Black Conclave, please continue.
The Black Conclave has played through it all for the past 6 years and this will not change.

The Arch-Lich and his Black Conclave have proven to be dedicated, skilled, experienced
and knowledgeable, and are undoubtedly TFC's most successful, and superior pking following.

This will not change.