Tynian: Bug Abuse
Mon Nov 12 01:42:02 2001
To: all
There was a problem with area spells, that caused those spells to do an
obviously buggy amount of damage. Interestingly, we were up for over 3
hours, and there was not a single bug report or note. Fortunately, an
Immortal was wise enough to question the very high area spell damage. Had
he not done so, and the buggy version had been up much longer, I would
have just restored from backup the player files that had been accessed
since the boot, and any additional xp/equipment you had received since the
last backup would have been lost.

Had it occurred to me at the time, I would have cmdlogged those that I
could, and those that abused the bug would have been punished. As it
stands, you got away with one.

This did serve as an important reminder to me, however. I must not trust
that you will come forward when issues arise that aren't right but work in
your favor. I know how many of you are very vocal indeed when things
don't go your way.


P.S. - I was asked the amount of extra damage. Some area spell castings
were annihilating, on a fairly regular basis.