Lexie: The Avatar
Wed Oct 24 20:32:09 2001
To: all

Warning: I am poem-impaired. Read at own risk.

There once was a girl named Lexie
Who at times was quite loud and pesky.
One day she unwisely challenged an Imm,
Who replied that her chance of survival was slim.
Faced with the wrath of Lloth's Avatar,
She implored aid from near and far.
Eight brave souls stood valiantly by her side,
With one true hero as their guide.
For him, she pledged her solemn oath
To be disciple, friend, and to remove that fungal growth.

A very special thanks to: Mael, Noctus, Clue, Katrana, Solaron,
Wylin, Anduin, and Artanis for being the bravest people in this realm.

Also, thank you to Lins, Khorlan, Bubba, Wistom, Armalag, Tyreth, and Manx
for massacring the oodles of rabid drow hunting me before the Avatar was unleashed.

P.S. There isn't really a growth, I just needed something to rhyme
with "oath" - I swear!