Aslan: An invitation for the Realm
Fri Dec 14 20:54:06 2001
To: all
A beautiful white scroll has been left for you to read.

The milk white parchment left for you to read is heavier than
most parchments youve held and read. In an ink that resembles
a fine spiders silk, its content has been written with great
care. It reads :

. Together with our deities
. Aslan TSarran, Student Tigress of Fate
. and
. Talyn Napei, Tiger Cleric
. would be pleased to have you
. share in the happiness of
. their Wedding Day
. on Saturday, January the 5th
. two thousand and two
. at eleven oclock in the morning SHARP
. Mariels Shrine
. The Mystic Wood

. Reception to follow
. The Amphitheater

As you glance at the bottom of the scroll, a silvery fine
print reads :

-Please RSVP at, or post a
note to both Aslan and Talyn no later than Saturday,
December the 29th, 2001 to reserve your seat.

-Please note that the Ceremony and Reception are reserved only
for those who will behave. Those who cannot remain respectful
need not respond to this invitation and will not be welcome
at the festivities. Any requests to be silent or to leave
by Aslan, Talyn, Okk, Cordir, or Tripper are to be OBEYED
promptly and WITHOUT incidence.

Any requests (dirs to Mariel's Shrine, change of time) can be sent to and will be considered.