this log has been edited, with gossips, ftells, etc removed, and is from durin's point of view
20 players.
Dwa [    Cl:25 Wa:24    ] Durin: Honor, Truth, Integrity, Seeker of Fate.
Hum [       Cl: 5       ] Sheldon the Doomsday Conspiracy *WISDOM*
Gno [       Sh: 3       ] Duilliath the Gnome Crone
Elf [    Wa:20 Cl:24    ] Solaron, Acolyte of Fate. Grimward/Blade/Aphrodite
Hel [    Wa:16 Cl:22    ] Treehugger: I am Tiger! ***Tiger***
Hum [    Cl:26 Wa:25    ] Armalag Blackflame, The Rock, Mercenary of Dreams
Hel [       Ma:14       ] Doza, Runs with the Tigers (Pit Crew)
Hum [    Wa: 2 Ma:15    ] Angelus, Mage of the Black Conclave
Elf [    Ma:23 Ra:20    ] Legolas I lost my Blankie in Pre-school :(
Elf [       Ra: 2       ] Aerith the Elf
Hel [    Cl:22 Wa:20    ] Quarnel: To secure peas is to prepare for war! DrEaM
Hum [  Lesser  Goddess  ] Cordir: Judge me by my enemies. * Fate * 
Hel [ Th: 7 Ra:12 Ma:16 ] Joeb the man of the people    (Tiger)  (TLR)
Dwa [    Wa: 1 Sh:18    ] Hitoriga, Tao master of the Kae pirates -=(COVEN)=-
Hum [    Wa:28 Cl:30    ] Clue(Mrs Rigel) Weaver Priestess, favored of Fate
Elf [ Cl:19 Th:15 Ra:15 ] Silvermoon Macroura, The Astral Vixen
Elf [    Wa:21 Cl:24    ] Tien Shinhan, Favored of Fate.   Taoiseach
Hel [    Wa:21 Cl:30    ] Ephiny, devotee of Tripper, Master of Tigers.
Dwa [    Th:11 Sh:11    ] Sleighty Lhyrghechoffe, Tiger Peon (Pit Crew)
Gno [      Ordained     ] Noctus Chosen Blade of Fate *Explorers' Society*
Cordir nods in recognition to Aerith.

Within The Tapestry of Fate
[Exits: north]
You find yourself standing beneath countless stars... no, not stars,
but strands of light, their incandescent glow pushing back the
darkness that would otherwise overcome you.

You stand on a circular cathedra of dusky marble striated with silvery
gray. Four titanic, equidistantly spaced archways of albescent jade yearn
upward towards the lights above you. Sable fires seethe within three of
them, a spider-web filling the fourth. In the center of the rostrum stands an
intricately carved wooden loom. It is cool here, like the first misty chill of
twilight, and you shiver slightly, hair prickling on the back of your neck as
you realize: Perhaps this is no place for a mortal to be.
The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.
(Light Cyan Aura) Noctus is resting here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Solaron is resting here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Tien is here.
Aerith is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Clue is here.
(Intense Light Cyan Aura) Cordir is here.

Cordir says, 'Please go on, Aerith'.

Aerith says (in common), 'I vow to Glorify the Triat with all actions, giving sacrifice to each of the Triat each day.'.

Noctus smiles happily.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'Witnessed.'.

Aerith says (in common), 'I also vow to walk in silence, never again, past this moment, to speak my own name, nor to shout any words.'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'Witnessed'.

Aerith says (in common), 'I will speak humbly, and with truth.'.

Aerith smiles happily.

Aerith says (in common), 'I also vow this...'.

Cordir says, 'Go ahead...'.

Aerith says (in common), 'I will spread the word of the Triat daily, through deed, but more importantly, through word.'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'Witnessed.'.

Cordir says, 'I also see within the Pattern that you will take on additional Geasa, as you mature.'.
Cordir says, 'I have the tale of your life...'.

Cordir touches not a scroll, but a Thread upon the loom.

Cordir says, 'And I know of your actions assisting the young.'.
Cordir says, 'Having born witness to them, and tested them personally.'.

Aerith smiles brightly at the thread...with much hope in his heart.

Cordir grins mischivously.

Cordir says, 'I, Cordir, personally sponsor you.'.
Cordir sits down and thinks deeply.

Aerith nearly chokes.

Noctus says (in common), 'Wow'.

Aerith says (in common), 'Thank you, Lady Cordir.'.

Cordir nods.

Solaron says (in common), 'An honor.'.

Aerith nods.

You pat Aerith on his back.
You pat Aerith on his back.

Cordir says, 'I would not do so, if I did not read a very challenging and harrowing future in your Pattern.'.

Aerith says (in common), 'It is.'.

Noctus says (in common), 'You should feel blessed indeed Aerith'.

Cordir says, 'Aerith, please kneel.'.

Aerith bows low before Cordir.

Cordir says, 'Give me your hands.'.

Aerith then kneels before Cordir.
Aerith holds his young hands before him.

Cordir takes Aerith's hands between her own.

It is an age old gesture - a leige accepting fealty.

Cordir says, 'Aerith, do you swear that you will diligently pursue the fate that the Triat holds for you?'.

Aerith says (in common), 'I do swear this.'.

Cordir says, 'Will you abide the instructions of My Ordained and Council, and obey my Codes and Dictates?'.

Aerith says (in common), 'I will abide and obey.'.

Cordir says, 'And lastly, will you obey the laws of this Realm and the instructions - lawfully given - of its Immortals?'.
Cordir waits.

Aerith says (in common), 'I will obey these laws, and the Immortals of this realm.'.

Cordir nods.

Cordir says, 'They, Aerith Tor'shial, give me your oath.'.
Cordir says, 'Then, Aerith Tor'shial, give me your oath.'.

Cordir coughs.
Cordir blushes.

Noctus grins happily.

Cordir waits for it....

Aerith says (in common), 'I will do all within my power to further the Light and Darkness, of the Triat Faith, and the Chosen of Fate.'.

Cordir says, 'Welcome, even'.

Cordir says, 'This is a rare circumstance.'.

Cordir creates a silver weaving shuttle out of thin air!
Cordir walks over to the Pattern.

Cordir says, 'Once, long ago..'.
Cordir says, 'I saw a Thread that resembled yours, Aerith.'.
Cordir says, 'Its destiny was a trial filled, troublesome one.'.
Cordir says, 'On the day that soul was forever destroyed...'.
Cordir says, 'I took up the Ward they had borne.'.

Aerith sits down and thinks deeply.

Cordir says, 'And put it in the Pattern for safekeeping.'.

Cordir unlocks the Weaver's Loom.
Cordir opens the Weaver's Loom.

Cordir gets (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen from the Weaver's Loom.
Cordir gives (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen to Aerith.

Aerith bows deeply.
Aerith thanks Cordir heartily.

Aerith places the Covenant upon his chest.
Aerith wears (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen as a decoration.

Noctus looks at Aerith.

Cordir nods.

Cordir says, 'Welcome.'.