need some advice? Send me a note. and, ok so this isnt really a letter asking for advice, but i thought i'd post daelin's note anyway... if there's enough interest, maybe ill start a dating service ;P But meanwhile, here's the advice:

Dear Marisa,
I keep getting lost, how can I stop doing that?

hm, you sure you have the right advice column?
oh wait, redefine your sense of 'lost', that works! You're not lost, you're exploring :)


Dear Marisa,
I am a simple fighter, not very smart, but pretty buff. How do I get girls to dig me?
      Gaul Stone (but don't tell anyone, I'm incognito)

lesse, you might try keeping lots of chocolate in your bags, works for myro ;)


Dear Marisa,
I have this really bad skin condition. I've tried everything, magic, psychics, potions, ointments, but it's all dried out, and flaky. What should I do?

if youd quit eating the avon lady when she came by, you wouldnt have these problems... Remember, even if she _is_ a blue aura, shes only trying to help

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