Abender: A long time coming..
Wed Apr 19 17:52:20 2000
To: all
For him, the realm familiar..
He is long in the tooth..
She is born, and he not aware..
Her spirit alive with the new..

The days wane long..
The moons pass oft..
The day is nigh, he knows not how it came..
She called that first time, her words full of fear..

His response so practiced, a common cry..
The facts he requires, nothing more does he ask..
The hero arrives, her smile is bright..
She need not ask, his presence the answer..

Her gains returned, her smile so perfect..
He takes heed, a moment to bask..
She sees it not, his lingering gaze..
The flickering banner, his eyes affixed..

Her frame enticing, her age so young..
He stares too long as her shadow passes north..
The call repeats, guard of Landru the culprit..
His blood races quickly, her memory still lingers..

Again is he there, her bounty in tow..
Again is her smile, but new is her beauty..
He takes his sweet time, the healing for her wounds..
Waiting for that moment, just one offered kiss..

The city grows quiet, the evil awaits her..
Again does she call, answered in an instant..
She follows him home, his sword to her stead..
That one short walk, she captures his heart..

The time passes quickly, her thank you proffered..
His eyes call to love her, his bow hides his need..
He longs to be with her, the heavens turn her away..
His empty heart seeks aid, another's touch to replace..

The fateful day upon them, her anger he sees..
The love and the rage, what death does he feel..
Great tears does he shed, her touch ne'er felt..
He turns his heart cold, the error of a fool..

The new age has dawned, his growth long complete..
Fate brings her again, his heart cannot hide..
Twisted wood, the pale metal gray..
The Gods return her, his quest becomes clear..

Her heart does he have, what rapture the words..
Love recanted, the Dream Realm is hushed..
They weep for the feeling, warm hands join in darkness..
Their past comes to haunt them, mistakes a steep price..

He will not again fail her, this time at her side..
They bear the heavy toll, gossips in the shadows..
There will be no loss, for now they have truth..
The future a paradise, a love desperately true..

They quietly weep, tears mixing the brew of passion..
Their love shining brightly, the time a new dawn..
His knee bears the question, her hand for him to cherish..
She spake before his breath, her husband to love..


Bliss has generously agreed to be my bride. Once the formalities have been worked out, she will be posting a notice of time and place.

I thee love, my precious treasure... You've done this man's heart a wonderous favor. I hope to be all that you seek in a love and a friend...

-Abender Stormreaver
Councilor to the Lord of the Wardancers
Guardian of the Weaver's Daughter
Marked by the Soul Scarred by Chance
Bearer of the Mortal Pyre of the Torchbearer