After a lot of hard work and preparation by all involved (most especially Khore), Khore's 2nd annual golem quest took place on Thursday, October 11th, 2001, and took close to 3 hours. The winner was Dark Chocolate, created by Bliss' team of Lins and Mael. Gratz!
Pre-Quest Info
golem quest rules
the golem contenders and their makers
the golem roster
golem seeds and initial bracket
final bracket

The fights!
a barely edited log of the entire quest
you may get "document contains no data" errors a few times cause this log is so huge, but keep trying, it's really here :P

somewhat more thoroughly edited logs (to reduce spam) of individual fights are below:
Round 1
fight 1: ChainSaw vs. Blooday Bloke
fight 2: the Raiser's Newborn vs. Demon Lagg
fight 3: Dark Chocolate vs. the Emperor's Wife
fight 4: Playdo vs. the Butchered Soul
fight 5: the Reaver's Slave vs. Aussie Aara Automaton
fight 6: Cindy vs. Taautamaton
fight 7: Dark Knight vs. the Render's Student
fight 8: Bolverk vs. Cereal Killer

Round 2
fight 1: Bolverk vs. Chainsaw
fight 2: the Raiser's Newborn vs. the Render's Student
fight 3: Dark Chocolate vs. Cindy
fight 4: the Reaver's Slave vs. Playdo

Round 3
fight 1: the Reaver's Slave vs. Bolverk
fight 2: Dark Chocolate vs. the Raiser's Newborn

Round 4 - Final Round
final fight: Dark Chocolate vs. the Reaver's Slave