Wylin: The Drunks are loose!
Wed Jul 28 10:01:33 2004
To: all
A few drunks got away with some of my drink tickets..

This doesn't make me happy.. find them.. kill them.. collect my tickets..

I'll be taking a count at 5pm mud time. At the end there will be prizes for the top 3 point leaders.

Turn in only once, collect as many as you can. Good Luck!

-Wylin, Lord of The Enforcers

Rocky Shelf
[Exits: north east south west]
You stand on a rocky shelf jutting from the wall of the cavern to the east. 
Water surrounds this refuge and allows you to rest and relax before you
continue your journey.
A drunk stumbles here

l drunk p
This guy must have staggered out of Wylin's saloon.
A drunk is in perfect health.

A drunk is using:
<held>              a beer ticket worth 5 points

You peek at the inventory:

A drunk shouts, 'someone stole my BEER! lousy human'.

A drunk shouts, 'someone stole my BEER! lousy half-elf'.

Themis gossips (in common), 'If he can't see the someone, how does he know it's a half elf??'.

Tay gossips (in common), 'the smell?'.

Wylin: Drunk Quest Results - Conclave sweep
Wed Jul 28 17:23:09 2004
To: all
After over 7 hours of collecting drink tickets from the scattered drunks, The Black Conclave was able to take first, second, AND third place.
They did a great job of gathering, bartering for, and stealing as many drink tickets as they could.

Everyone should recognize thier excellence in achievement!
Good Work!

First: Orpik
Second: Dundrave
Third: Azeworai

-Wylin, Lord of The Enforcers