Tiberius: My Retirement
Thu Oct 14 23:45:48 2004
To: all
Thanks for all the fun years, people. Thanks especially to:

Bliss: I love you! You were the best goddess an evil elf with a crush on a
human could ever have!

Azeworai: d00d3, it w@s c00L! lUv y@ lyk3 a br0th3r!

Tamar: We're still gettin married someday! You, me, and Aze! The healthy,
happy, dreamwalker family.. I hope we get a taxbreak for being a trio...

Booga: Booga:)

Kaleyah: Mucho love-o to.. you-o! My faithful woman! Could never quite get
those metal shorts off, but hey, ever elf has his problems!

Judge: You suck.. - I am Tiberius, and i approve of this message.

Wish: My wonderful little sepoid! I would one day love to propose! I will of course
tape a few extra appendages on for the wedding!

To the rest of you... you SUCK! Nah, im just tired of typing, i feel like
singing instead... Take care peoples, i'll be around singing songs, and picking on people!