Tynian: TFC and me
Fri Apr 23 10:21:50 2004
To: all
TFC will continue. It is easy during times of great disruption to get
caught up in the "excitement" that surrounds such times. While it is
upsetting for the game to be turned on its ear, we have weathered rough
times before. I have no plans to take TFC down.

I also serioiusly considered retiring when Bliss retired. Ten years is
a very long time to be dedicated to a game, and Bliss's retirement, in
particular, hit me hard. I consider her a friend, and did not imagine
that she would ever retire, as unrealistic as that is. Nonetheless, she
did. But no, I won't let myself off the hook that easily.

So, I will continue to be here, and TFC will continue to be here.

Valin: :)
Fri Apr 23 14:26:04 2004
To: all
You rule
DarkClaw: Re: Tynian: TFC and me
Fri Apr 23 18:49:38 2004
To: all
Hail Tynian!!!
Duvel: *cheer tynian*
Fri Apr 23 19:09:46 2004
To: all
I know it's rude to leave one-liners, but hey. Some of us would be seriously
distressed if Tynian had decided otherwise. Thanks, Tyn. You rock.

Duvel, Pegleg Warlock Enforcer of Unity and the Ivory Rose