Schwartz gossips (in common), 'Lady Tamar freed my from that vile prison I was stuck in!'.

Tamar gossips (in elven), 'You'd better not let Bliss hear you call her office vile'.

Someone gossips, '*starts the chant* Put him back....Put him back...'.

Schwartz gossips (in common), 'She doesn't scare me!'.

DogDaze gossips (in common), 'with Schwartz freed... there go the property values'.

Schwartz gossips (in common), 'Wait until I get a temple, then all immortal property 
values go down!'.

Someone gossips, 'log 9-22-04 310pm marked for Blisses viewing'.

Someone gossips, 'Bliss's even'.

Schwartz gossips (in common), 'Gonna move my trailer in right next to Rhina's tree 
I think'.

Someone gossips, 'are you going to have a couple of warhorses without legs up on a 
cinder blocks?'.

Schwartz gossips (in common), 'I'm making a deal on a 73 Camaro right now'.

Schwartz gossips (in common), 'It doesn't have wheels, but I won't need them for the 
first couple years anyway'.

Someone gossips, 'Hopes to keep Schwartz's temple downwind at all times'.

DogDaze gossips (in common), 'way downwind'.

Schwartz gossips (in common), 'You underestimate the power of the Schwartz wind!  There's 
no escaping it....'.

Someone gossips, 'yes, even the cows are impressed by it'.

Someone gossips, '### The immortal wizard says (in common), 'For 8.76 million gold an 
immortal petition for Schwartz.''.