Schwartz: The Top 10 Reasons Schwartz Should Immort
Mon Aug 30 14:46:22 2004
To: immortal

10. Schwartz still wants to get Lexie pinked, but he's running out of money and tired of her killing him.

9. Rhina begged him to do it.

8. Coleman finally admitted that his reduced playing time is *directly* related to Schwartz being on ftell.

7. Knowing a possible outcome of #8, Cordir's Chosen of Fate have mysteriously implemented a strict "No-rehire" policy.

6. Bliss needs a new toy.

5. "Player auctions, 'looking to buy a dam ring'. Schwartz auctions, 'I don't have any dam rings!" -- the joke is getting WAAAY old and Schwartz just won't move on.

4. The only way Schwartz might *get* and *keep* an audience for his puns is if they're locked into worshipping him and cannot leave!

3. The idea of a naked Schwartz wandering the realm sounds better than Magic Mountain, Disneyland, and Debbie Does Dallas, all rolled into one!

2. Everyone knows size does matter, a bigger Schwartz is a better Schwartz... and the immortal staff of TFC could use a bigger Schwartz!

And the number one reason Schwartz should immort:

1. Tynian needs all the help with his humor that he can get!


You are Schwartz the Boy. mirthmirthmirth
613 years old (1202 hours), created Mon Apr 07 03 23:08:45.

..a lot of hours in the last 16 months. I could tell you about my expansive area knowledge, the speed with which I can do CRs, and my dominance on location quests, but since this isn't a RL job interview or a credit card application, there's no need to lie.

In all seriousness, I've always enjoyed the game and the overall experience. I have several characters, as do many of us, and FLI is the best way for me to continue contributing as Schwartz. I could never hope to clock the number of hours that Lich has as an immortal, but I do understand the impact of an FLI's online time with the growth and success of the following, and I hope to have a very successful following.

I'd welcome any questions, both from the collective and one-on-one. Thanks for the consideration.