Tamar: Relogs, fast logins/fast log outs & character separation
Thu Jan 1 19:37:51 2004
To: All
First, read help character separation. You are ALL responsible for reading it
and understanding its contents.

Second. If you login one character right after the other, people are going to
figure out who you are. It's a STUPID THING TO DO. So if you're smart, you
won't do it.

Third, it is currently NOT ILLEGAL to log your characters in and out quickly.
Life might be a lot easier if it were, and maybe it will become that way, but
as of right now it is not. SO. If you choose to be STUPID and log your characters
in and out quickly, you had better be POSITIVE that you are not violating
the rules of character separation in doing so. No typing whoz, logging out
and then logging in another char of yours to attack someone in THAT chars range.
No logging in your shaman to naturalize for a fellow follower because your
cleric character can't do it. No running to pick up your other character's
corpse. No using knowledge gained with one character to PK someone with

Bottom line: don't break the rules. The BEST THING TO DO is to separate the
logins and logouts of your characters by at least 15 minutes. I personally
wait hours, but then, I am a fanatic about character separation. Now, you've
all just been treated to my standard character separation lecture. If
something is unclear, post a note to me and I will address it with the mud
at large. Thank you.