Tamar: Update on quest starting Saturday (revised)
Fri Feb 6 15:43:06 2004
To: All
Please start forming teams for the quest, if you desire. You may
be on a team by yourself if you wish, or you may have as many as you
like, but the total effective levels cannot exceed 75. Teams
cannot be composed of anyone outside of your alignment or lack of
alignment. (This means that teams can only be all good, only all
evil, only all neutral, only all unaligned.) There will be a
limited number of prizes for the winning team, so if you have a large
team it's possible that not everyone will receive a prize. The
greater the number of participating teams (defined as those who actually
complete the quest), the nicer the prizes will be.

Post a note to me here, send me a PM on forums, or an email to
tamartfc@lycos.com listing your team members.


Since forums are down, registration is no longer a requirement.
HOWEVER, you must still follow the rules stated here, otherwise your
team will be disqualified.

Some have also asked what the quest is about. It's a combination of
knowledge (trivia/semi-riddles), killing things, and gathering items,
along with an element relating to alignments which will be announced
when the quest starts. Knowledge is related to immortals.