Tamar: Quest starts now, parts one & two end Friday Feb. 13th at 9pm
Sat Feb 7 11:02:30 2004
To: All

The rules:

You can do the quest as an individual or on a team. If a team,
the effective levels of all team members must total no more than
75, and they must be composed of strictly evil, strictly good,
strictly neutral, or strictly unaligneds. Quest registration is
no longer a requirement. The more participants completing the quest,
the better the prizes. There are a limited number of prizes for
the winning person/team.

The quest has three parts. Part one is worth 126 points, and
can be found at <address removed since questions are gone>

Part two involves killing mobs and collecting their eq. Angels,
devils, and intermediaries will be dispersed throughout the realm.
You must collect the eq of these mobs depending on your alignment.
Evils will need to collect halos and yin-yang symbols. Goods will
need to collect pitchforks and yin-yang symbols. Neutrals and
unaligneds will need to collect halos and pitchforks. These items
must be held and turned in to me anytime prior to the end of the quest,
however there will only be one turn-in period allowed per team. All
items must be turned in no later than 9pm mudtime Friday Feb. 13th.
You will receive one point per item collected. You may also of course
try to prevent those of other alignments from collecting the items
they need.

The points from parts one and two will be added together to determine
the four finalists. Finalists will be the person or team with the most
total points from good, evil, neutral & unaligned. (There will be one
finalist from each alignment and one from unaligned.) The four
finalists will continue on to part three of the quest, which will be
explained after the 13th.

Good luck!