Faite: Ode to Elemental Canyon, mournfully departed.
Mon Mar 8 18:37:43 2004
To: all
Here, here!
A land without the nuances of living lands, it's true,
and yet, though small, its wealth by far surpassed the new.
For livelong days large warriors from around the realm
would come to Elemental Canyon and speak its acclaim.
The hardest swingers would dance through with sword and spell
returning with their spoils to where the mages dwell.
"IDs!" They clamoured as their riches weighed down eggs with random loot,
so much so that mages yelled, "Strike!" and gave them the boot!
Now, the realm is perhaps for peaceable for wizardly folk.
However, although some still thrive, most of us are broke.
If EC returned to increase our financials once the more,
all would praise thy godly hearts.... (Well, the mages might be sore.)