Natilena: NewsFlash: The Bunny Invasion has Begun!
Thu Aug 12 10:59:30 2004
To: all
Undercover chipmunk operatives have reported to me that the bunnies are
on the move. At the time of this report it is now known that scouts have
been sent out to find and secure several warrens about the realm from
which to launch their attack.

They're watching you!!

The "Bunny Quest" will run for several days next week and over the weekend.
This is a large quest, the goal of which will be to find the hidden Bunny
Warrens. There will be a grand prize for this goal as well as random prizes
and smaller tasks along the way.

The grand prize will be decided based on participation (and, honestly,
whether or not to keep going on it as well, it is a wee bit of work). To
compete for the grand prize you must register by posting your Team name and
members to the forum thread. Teams should have combined effective levels no
greater than 100. You may edit your team up until the quest begins (exact
time and date TBA) but please post intent to participate as soon as possible!