the march 2004 las vegas gt

Welcome to Las Vegas

The Las Vegas GT was held March 12-14, 2004. Attendees included Tynian, Darkmoon, Tokugawa, me, Natilena, Lania, Armalag, Takuen, Athorne, & Athorne's wife who used to mud but I'm bad and can't think of her mudname right now :P  We all got there at various times on Friday and eventually met up in Natilena & Lania's gorgeous, HUGE HUGE HUGE hotel room.

Getting to hotel rooms turned out to be kind of a trick for me. (Maybe because it's like finding a zone on the mud?) First as we were leaving for the drive to Las Vegas, I had the feeling we were forgetting something, but couldn't think what. So as we're pulling into Las Vegas, it dawns on me. I don't know where our hotel is, and don't have the address or phone number. (It was off the strip, so we couldn't just aim for neon lights.) We hit up a gas station for directions. Then we were able to see it in the distance, but couldn't GET to it for awhile because of one-way streets, etc. But we finally found it.

After dropping off our stuff there, we set out for the MGM to meet up with the others. Room 214 was what we needed. We walked into the gigantic lobby, and I immediately went up to the desk to ask for directions to the room. The guy said "which 214? there's a 214 on every floor." After some digging, I found where I'd written down the floor number, whew. For a second there I had visions of us knocking on 41 different doors to 214. So we hung out in the hotel room for awhile, and Tynian & Darkmoon and Armalag got there too. Takuen tortured Natilena endlessly with horrible Canadian jokes, and Natilena retaliated by pelting him with a wine cork, since her rift wasn't available. She did promise future death though. Other hotel room highlights include the accidental spread of goodies left by the hotel, Natilena wondering what a swirly was, Lania saying "Oh, that's not a show for kids!" as she flipped through the channels, Armalag demonstrating his baseball pitch, and lots of huge dacquiris for everyone.

The next day was spent swimming, wandering around, gambling, eating, & getting refills on the huge dacquiris, and then we all met up for laser tag at New York New York. We SOO killed the other team (a group of maybe 12 year old boys) - not. This resounding defeat was followed by air hockey & bumper cars, which we were better at.

Lania & Natilena taking pictures of me taking pictures of
them, with Tynian (and probably Armalag) playing air
hockey in the background.
Tynian and Darkmoon playing air hockey, with a recently
rifted Takuen collapsed on the floor.

Later that day most of us walked to the Flamingo for their surf & turf type buffet. Yum. We met Athorne and his wife there, and Tynian and Darkmoon eventually made it in their car. After that we wandered up and down the strip, taking in the sights, avoiding the people pressing photos of topless people on us, and getting tired. Some people saw the volcano at the Mirage, and we all watched two shows of the Bellagio's dancing fountains. Here's a random 30 seconds of one of the shows. Somehow we missed the mall at Ceasar's Palace though, *sigh*.

Walking, walking, walking. This is getting to be a regular GT theme ;)

Some of the buildings along the strip. We briefly considered
stopping in at ESPN zone since Natilena still had her card,
but decided against it.
Traffic along the strip. This is when it was actually moving,
at least a little.

Outside New York New York.

By Sunday Tynian & Darkmoon were off, and Lania caught a fairly early flight. The rest of us went to tour Hoover Dam. After a brief "incident" with the security guard flipping out about how Tokugawa went through the revolving door, we got set for the tour. We spent a few hours there seeing the sights, and then ended with ice cream :) Natilena went back to catch her flight, and Armalag left the next day.

Hoover Dam. See those little specks along
the top of the dam? Those are people.
(You don't see them? That's cause the dam
is enormous, and the people are TINY. But
they're there.)
Generators and whatnot inside the dam.

Looking down at some of the workings of the dam.
Natilena laughing at a picture she took of me, with
Armalag looking at the dam in the background.

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