Legionaire: my retirement
Tue Oct 12 21:01:52 2004
To: all
due to various things im posting my retirement
Its just not much fun anymore, i love all the new codes and such its just some of the people on tfc that i just cant be bothered with
and as oposed to ruining the game for others ill just leave, its been a fun 5 years and id rather leave on good terms.
to all again its been fun and my chars are(were) as follows
Pain some knew him but most hated him
Stalkyr the enforcer who never got to enforce anyone :(
and ofcourse Darkangel, My first ever char on TFC. started in the tigers under tripper (all coz of Khorlan) hehe
when tripper stopped being around i decided i wanted rules no more so he became evil
the first day as a pker i got four corpses, not a bad day really and over the period of restarts i ended up back in the mighty dark
i may have killed some of you, but i tended to die atleast once a week (stupid ogres hehe) but all in all it was fun

and ofcourse legionaire, my second and largest char, well im sure atleast some of you should know who i am or was
evil down to the last drop of blood and though i sucked at pking people somehow still managed to die to me.

well this is my retirement from TFC i hope you all enjoy it more than i did in the end and Tynian your mud rocks no matter whzat changes you do
Do what you think is best, after all TFC is your baby and its rocked for 10years and im sure it will rock for 10 more

goodbye everyone and slay away
excuse all the punctuation mistakes and spelling errors (vorax would whomp me if he read this), but you get the idea.