Few Announcements From The Void

1. I'm back, at least on a limited basis. Golem Wars will commence shortly. This is the good news.

2. I came back to half a dozen PMs, all from one or two "camps", that amount to sniping and tattle-tailing and various other bullshit.

Among the reasons that I had an extended absence was a general malaise about the constant handling of these and like issues. A half dozen people are occupying 95% of my time doing tasks that detract from Golem Wars, and other activities. Additionally, I derive no joy from handling these persistent and continual distractions.

I have considered retirement, to pursue other, more satisfying pastimes. I have come to a better conclusion.

I will now retire, with prejudice, any persons I deem as being a detriment to the overall population of TFC. Those of you are now feeling smug, most likely, you are included in my list. I will shut down entire followings, terminate FLIs, ban complete GROUPS of people to regain control of TFC for the silent majority, who have had to deal with the infertility caused by you few troublemakers. Several of you who consider yourself to be my friend and vice versa: you may be affected. My charge here is not as your friend, but as caretaker of TFC at large.

I have investigated and declined to investigate dozens of "infractions." If I pursue them, I am being unfair or petty to the accusee. If I ignore them, I am being unfair or biased against the accuser. No more. Your grey areas are now as black as the pit into which you will be cast. Cease your forays there.

I no longer wish to hear about your squabbling. I no longer wish it to be a distraction to me or the rest of TFC. If you are inclined to squabble, find a quiet corner somewhere else, or you will be forcibly required to find a new place to do it.

I continue to work on Golem Wars, and will treat any interruption due to administrative reasons from the noted "cadres" of people with rash action. I will not regret my actions, but more likely than not, you will regret it.

If I have not been clear, feel free to ask questions.