Bliss: Donor Quest Winners!!!
Wed Sep 15 22:14:44 2004
To: all

First a big thank you to Schwartz for being crash test dummy and making
this quest possible! Second, thank you to all who participated and spammed gossip.
I loved every minute of it :) And now...the envelope please:

1st Place *and* Grand Prize - Team Orpik & Aries
(with an astonishing and death defying 1,800 pts! including the Manual!)

2nd Place - Team Noctus & Faile
(with an amazing 517 pts!)

3rd Place - Team Aargh & Cytoxan
(with an awesome 376 pts!)

Close behind: Mandrake and Alyria!

Dead Last: Magis!

Winners please see me for prizes. All prizes come with a limited warranty.
In case of implosions, explosions, malfunctions, or mud crashes :O

P.S. Please prepare yourselves for Golem Wars IV!!!! Coming soon...