With Deep Regret

With more than a little regret, I am annoucing that effective immediately, I am retiring from my role as an official of TFC.

From my recent announcement, this may come as a surprise. I am only compelled to say that it wasn't the mud that was slowing my steps as I thought, it was rainclouds and the endless drizzle.

So it wasn't what you think. Over the years, I have laughed at and with you, shed a tear and caused many to be shed.

I regret that I will not be completing the Golem Quest, and my sincere apologies to those who have been more than patiently waiting for it. Perhaps there will be new projects in the future. It is as hazy as the sky is now blue.

This forum will remain up until it is no longer in use. At the request of FLIs, I will continue to set up and add following only areas.

I send thee into the darkness. Bring unto it light.