Cordir: Quests Won - Isolas & Ivan Win!
Sat Aug 14 22:30:15 2004
To: all

Ran two quests this evening:

first: 20 questions, 20 items. Objects included nipple rings and collars.
questions included immortal marriages and other trivia. Isolas won with
25 points. Riddick took second with 10. There were 12 participants,
including Tynian and Natilena.

second: over 150 trivia questions (lost count), ranging from 1x to 3x
topics, zones, immortals, mortals, objects, etc... There were 11
participants. Ivan won with 20 points, Dartagnan took second with 18,
Hiro got 11 for third.

Great participation, thanks to all those who played well, with
sportsmanship and humor.

Prizes for both were graciously supplied by Natilena, including Quest
Potions and prize circlets.