Xavier: A Fairwell to Arms
Mon Mar 3 20:23:46 2003
To: all
Greetings Realm, and Followers,
I have retired from TFC after several thousand hours of play.
I have served, in many lives, under Zarous, Cerebus, Asia, Torchbearer, Tel, Okk, Tripper, Nicademus, Larry,
Tokugawa, and the Lich.
I attended Plato.
I was friends with Athorne, Tripper, the Lich, Kerriariadne, Valo, Tylorn, Qithlorien, Martyr, and Alyria.
I was a brother to Demian, Zakarious, Orpik, and Malekith
I am a brother of Dundrave
All of these, I thank for many years of enjoyment.
I leave now, because of much the same reasons as Orpik, my life will change with college
I want more time for myself, and less demand placed on my shoulders.
Running a following is taxing, but fun, however my attention is needed elsewhere in life.
Thank you all,
Xavier Quinalt, Nashite Aretha of the Draoi