Wylin: My New Years needs! (finished, gratz Solaron)
Wed Dec 31 15:21:31 2003
To: all
I need some help preparing for New Years!
The list of items I need are:
a packet of beer nuts
shot of whiskey
wine glass
mutton pie
glass of Avin's speciality
tankard of ale
pitcher of mudslide
a pretzel
(worth 3points) herbal brew

This scavenger hunt quest will end at 3p.m. mud time. It will be a solo quest.
The person who wins will get a circlet of power from me, and most likely a special prize from a god+.

Turn in items only once, before the deadline, contact one of the immortal staff to turn in, preferably myself.
Mortals only, Sorry Tiax!

In the event of a tie at the deadline we will hold a tie breaker race to get something.


Congratz to Solaron for winning the final race, it was fun for me to watch, I hope you guys had fun