Tynian: Version 3.124
Wed Jun 25 08:11:10 2003
To: all
Log event/news information to database.
Tynian: Version 3.124
Wed Jun 25 08:11:43 2003
To: all (was to Immortal)
Limit those below god+ to one snoop session at a time.

Immortal summon will only work on followers if the code
determines that there are no PC threats in the area (target or other
PCs are in safe rooms, others in area are outside of PK range, and/or
others in area are pacifists/reprisalists). Historically, summon was
not to be used to rescue followers. Some FLIs were following this
historical interpretation, and using summon only for transportation
when a player had to log out, etc., while others were using summon as a
means of rescue against PKers. This change should make FLI use of
summon more consistant. Teleport is unchanged.