Tynian: Version 3.123
Sun May 11 10:23:07 2003
To: all
Improve Immortals' abilities to follow mortals. To do this, they
are not subject to many of the TFC laws of physics, such as flying when
a room requires flight, etc.

Fix sanctify so that it works correctly with the 'nosafe' quest

Immortals that are following a mortal around will follow the
mortal out of the guild, instead of appearing in the Immortals

Immortals are not constrained by private room restrictions.

Bard: The "You have passed Bards' Council review" message will not
appear in levelcheck, if you've never had a review.

Created new shaman spell: necroport. Considered experimental, for

Mob corpses will decompose a little more slowly.

Fixed locate object so that it works correctly for
non-mage/non-cleric casters (e.g. bards).

There is now a chance that crystal spheres/spell crystals will
appear on Shamanic Masters.

Improved the chances that a sphere/crystal will appear on an
archmob. Note that unless certain criteria are met, there is no chance
for either. For instance, fighting mobs "too small" for you will yield
no special prize.

Immortals will now follow mortals into the vortex and back out

Room hazards and currents should no longer affect Immortals.