Tynian: Version 3.118
Mon Apr 28 23:49:02 2003
To: all
Found and eliminated bugs dealing with database handling.

Increased the minimum hit points gained for ranger slightly.

Changed gossip command so that at least 3 characters are necessary

Re-wrote portal spell so that the caster can portal to any mark,
by giving a keyword for the mark. For instance, is the Recall Room is
wizmarked, 'cast portal recall' would get you there. Note that things
like 'cast portal 2.' will NOT work. This was done so that
archmage mobs could wizmark and select the target to portal to.

The duration of a wizmark cast on one PC by another PC has been
reduced, given the new flexibility with portal.

Shamanic Masters are now in play. This is the shaman mob equivilent
to archmage mobs.

Initial implementation of high priests is completed. More testing
is required before the code goes live.