Tynian: Mobmastery quest
Wed May 28 23:02:14 2003
To: all
I've gotten several bug reports about people getting the same mobs over
and over for the mobmastery quest. This is by design. Why? Well, the
ways of the Implementor are mysterious, but there is a reason. I may, at
some point, randomize the mobs a _bit_ more, but there is a method to the

It's not hopeless, though. There's a way around this "problem." I won't
elaborate further.

I've been asked about whether unreachable mobs can be excluded from
mobmastery. Yes, they can. For me to agree that a mob is unreachable, it
has to meet one of the following criteria:

1. It's in a safe room.
2. The only way for any PC of any race, implemented class or level to reach
the mob is via teleport or bad recall.

If you get a mob for a mobmaster that meets either condition, post me a
note. Give me the mob name, and why you feel it is unreachable. I'll
review, and if I agree, I'll take it out of the running.