Tynian: Happy New Year!
Wed Jan 1 10:47:30 2003
To: all

Overall, 2002 has been a good year for TFC. Average player activity for
2002 was 19.1, up from 2001's 18.2 average. This year halted an average
activity decline that we have experienced for every year since 1998, when
our average activity was 23.4, our highest average activity for a year.

Thank you for playing "The Final Challenge!" As we approach our 9 year
anniversary, I wish all of you the very best, in game and in life.

Tynian: Where's Tynian?!
Wed Jan 1 10:48:10 2003
To: all
Some players have wondered where I've been over the last few weeks, as
I was visible a _lot_ earlier in the year. Here's what has been going

1. There will be layoffs at my place of employment in April 2003. There
has been a huge push to complete several projects prior to April. Much
of my free time during nights and weekends has been devoted to work.

2. While it is unlikely that I will be laid off in April, there is a
chance I will be re-assigned. One of the areas that I may be asked to
assume a more active role in is web development. I have done very little
with HTML, much less web programming languages. So, I am educating myself
on my own, outside of the normal projects in #1 above. It's slow going,
since I'm in unfamiliar territory.

3. The holiday season tends to be busy under the best of circumstances.
It is not the best of circumstances.

4. Darkmoon and I are expecting our third child this month. His arrival
is bound to be somewhat distracting. :-)

I don't know when I'll get back into the swing of things here. For now, I'm
depending heavily on the TFC Immortals and particularly the god+'s to keep
things going the way they need to, and upon the mortals to keep TFC fun.

Thanks to you all for your patience. Best of wishes in-game and in life
for 2003!