Tynian: The game
Tue Jan 14 20:06:33 2003
To: all
I don't have a black with yellow polka dot german shepard named Fluffy.
To celebrate this important event, I will be holding a mini-auction. One
"item" will be auctioned: +1 of your choice to a piece of equipment.
Some restrictions apply, including: Item must be a random, and cannot
have more than +5 total in magical bonuses. I reserve the right to
refuse any item for any reason. Historically, this hasn't been a

If I have time, I will run a game. Should this happen, the game will
consist of pairs of contestants. The entry fee will be a +3 item of any
type from both contestants. Note that some magic types have a
multiplication factor, so +hp/+mana/+move items, for example, would
require a +15. I am the final arbitrator on what is an acceptable entry
item, and at what level that item needs to be.

There is no specific time frame. Things could start as early as 5pm, or as
late as 9pm, all depending on what is going on in life.



The game:

Your team will choose a teleporter, and a chaser. I will teleport the
teleporter, who stays in the exact room they were teleported into. The
chaser then runs to the room the teleporter ended up in.

Characters can help/hinder contestants. Teleporter and chaser can cast
spells. Immortals may not assist.

The chaser will have a maximum of 5 minutes to reach the teleporter. If
either the chaser or teleporter dies before completing the mission, that
team will be timed with a score of 5 minutes.

There will be multiple rounds, so one bad round won't doom you. Prizes
for the top team.