Natilena cants, 'hey! the trout came back'.

Natilena cants, 'wonder how they found thier way home'.

Triston cants, 'boromir found his way hme?'.

Triston cants, 'home*'.

Natilena cants, 'Boromir is a trout?  or is he just dinner?'.

Boromir cants, 'just floundering :) '.

Boromir cants, '*laugh*'.

Clue cants, '... leave them alone and they'll come home ...'.

Triston cants, 'what a bunch of carp'.

Boromir cants, 'hes hooked now!!! '.

Natilena cants, 'AH! look what I started!'.

Triston cants, 'well as i said last ngiht....I'm the am-bass-i-dor'.

Boromir cants, 'just fishing for comments '.

Clue cants, 'one needs to say that in a bass voice, Triston'.

Boromir cants, 'uhuh .. we re in real treble now '.

Natilena cants, '*runs and hides*'.

Triston cants, 'I'm eeling over in laughter'.

Boromir cants, 'score 1 for me !!!! '.

Clue cants, 'alto we get out of this?'.

Boromir cants, 'beat it I guess :) '.

Natilena cants, 'hahahah.. you may stop now'.

Triston cants, 'he suckered me into it'.

Boromir cants, 'net result of fishing puns ..  0 .. just fun for the halibut :) '.

Boromir cants, 'unless I need to trout out another one?'.

Boromir cants, 'the silence means that these are reel bad :) '.

Natilena cants, 'the quiet in the crowd is deafening'.

Boromir cants, '*laugh* a first on TFC >>> silence on cant .. '.

Triston cants, 'something fishy about that'.

Natilena cants, 'brought you you by the letter B'.

Clue cants, 'calamari, we can do better than this'.

Boromir cants, 'what a buncha crayfish ... '. 

Triston cants, 'he had us hooked, but squirmed like a worm'. 

Boromir cants, 'probabaly will whine about claws in contracts '. 

Boromir cants, 'I guess I will have to use some mussel or they will calm up'. 

Triston cants, 'the issue isn't walleye, but will he'. 

Boromir cants, 'what a piker :) '. 

Triston cants, 'nat will perch right up with that one'. 

Boromir cants, 'a pole vault no doubt'. 

Natilena cants, '*is staying out of this*'. 

Boromir cants, 'its aboat to get serious .. '. 

Boromir cants, 'I could see a row getting started '. 

Boromir cants, 'a wake up call'. 

Boromir cants, 'need to be careful and watch out for bum steers .. tho you have herd 
them all :) '. 

Boromir cants, 'and dont be a neigh sayer ... '. 

Boromir cants, 'I may have to stop ... I'm feelin ill ...getting a little hrose .
and may have caught a colt :) '. 

Boromir cants, 'it tough being saddled with all these good jokes :) and unbrilded 
enthusiasm '. 

Triston gossips, 'Night Realm'. 

Natilena cants, 'night Trist'. 

Boromir cants, 'Good night Lord Triston *wave*'. 

Natilena cants, 'lord *snicker*'. 

Boromir cants, 'I guess we had a whale of a time with the fish joks :) '.